How to Use Buttset?

Buttsets  are extremely valuable telecommunications tools that have been used by telephone technicians for many years. They are also frequently referred to as the “lineman’s handset” and as a “buttinsky.” But don’t be fooled by the funny-sounding name …

Buttsets are very useful products that serve a real purpose.

The truth is that a Buttset is a kind of one-piece (or all-in-one) telephone device that phone company technical personnel use to determine if a specific telephone line is functional, alive or dead … or if some other problem exists within the telephone line.

The Buttset (it got that name because telephone lineman used it to “butt in” to conversations on private phone lines in need of telephone line repair) is easy-to-use and very effective in locating a problem. And once the Buttset locates and isolates the problem, the telephone technician fixes it.

However, while Buttsets were once used exclusively by telephone company workers to help solve problems their customers were experiencing, they are now available in retail communications stores – online and at the local mall. If you have some technical capability, you may want to consider purchasing a Buttset so that you’ll have immediate access to it if a problem ever causes your phone to stop working.

How To Use Buttset And don’t be intimidated by “the technical aspects” of the Buttset. It is surprisingly easy to use, for dummies as well. Here’s how it works …

To begin with, the Buttset is a one-piece unit that comes with wires and “alligator clips” that you can use to “lock on” to the local telephone line that is part of the network in which your telephone set and telephone number are located. Once done, you will be able to almost instantly determine if the telephone line is alive or dead. If it is dead, your Buttset will locate the cause and isolate it so that it can be repaired, if possible, or discarded, if necessary.

If the phone is working, but there is still a problem, you will be able to monitor and even answer all incoming phone calls, make outgoing phone calls, check on and test other features, as well. This “testing procedure” will eventually lead you to the problem which, when you’ve isolated it, will be easy to fix.

So … does it pay to buy and use your own Buttset? The answer is obvious. If you feel comfortable with technology, if you like to fix things with your own two hands and are tech-savvy, then you need the Buttset. And remember: you can buy it at your local retail store where telephone products and accessories are sold … or online, whichever you prefer.

Either way, once you “arm” yourself with the Buttset, say goodbye forever to lingering telephone problems. It can’t happen to you. One more thing: Buttsets are available in a number of different price ranges. There is likely to be a Buttset that meets your needs and fits your budget. Start looking for “the right Buttset for you” today. Your search should be over quickly.